What is Hybrid photo + video and what makes it so unique?

Hybrid photo+video is the seamless intergration of still images, film and audio. 

Pictures and sound are all captured by a single team for the purpose of creating digital image files and cinematic film (that can be shared with the world in an instant) and print products that can be admired, held, and handed down through generations.

Find out why hybrid photo+video coverage could be the best investment choice for your wedding day


How much does Hybrid photo + video cost?

For most of us, budget is a major factor when planning our wedding.  In a world of social media and reality tv, the line between what we want, what we need, and what we are willing to invest financially, can quickly become blurred.

If you are asking yourself.... Can I afford both professional photo and professional video?  Then the answer is YES!

You certainly can.

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My mission (NOT a self inflated bio)

"your not here to learn about all the places I've been and what certificates I have on my wall.  Your here because you want fantastic wedding photos!  You want beautiful memories you can live over and over again"  

So lets discuss a little more about what I provide couples and how I go about doing that 

(for the record; my husband says the photo does not look like me lol)

Ready for your story to be told?

Let's begin the conversation about the love story you share, the life you live now and the future you look forawrd to spending together. 

Contact me to schedule a meeting 

Still have unanswered questions?  Send me a message or

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Playtime 2020
Monalisa & David
Chan & Leigh
Petah & Duncan
Dowling Residence 2019
Majda & Gareth
Amanda & Jake - Photo Booth
Amanda & Jake
Mr & Mrs Hill
Mr & Mrs Castillo
Petah & Duncan - Photo Booth
Rose & Henry
Mr & Mrs Matthews
Mr & Mrs Veenstra
Mr & Mrs Janes
Christie Boys
Carol & Fran
Garina & Chad
Chan & Leigh
Leigh & Chan - Photo Booth
Brooke & Daniel
Brooke & Daniel - Album
Mr & Mrs Bennett
Mr & Mrs Robins
Hyrene & Bernard
Mr & Mrs Stibbard
Maddison - 2017 debut
Mr & Mrs Dwyer
Mr & Mrs Billings
Mr & Mrs Henderson
Mr & Mrs Henderson - Album
Mr & Mrs Gilby
Mr & Mrs Westley - Album
Mr & Mrs Westley
Mr & Mrs Ali - Album
Mr & Mrs Ali
Mr & Mrs Locke - Photo Booth
Mr & Mrs Locke - Album
Mr & Mrs Locke
Jess & Mark
Jess & Mark album pages
Jess & Mark Photo Booth
Chloe & Joel Album
My man Blayde
Jo & Troy wedding album
Mr & Mrs Pryor - Booth images
Philippa & Todd album
Mr & Mrs Bartley
Philippa and Todd
Chloe & Joel
Jessica & Kevin
Joanne & Troy
Clare & Logan
Kim & James
Kim & James - Photo Booth Images
Mr & Mrs Grillett
Mr & Mrs Slater
Kelly & Stephen - Photo Booth images
Mr & Mrs Balman
Mr & Mrs Slater - Photo Booth Images
Judy & Rick
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