Hybrid photo + video explained

"It's like wedding video for couples that don't really want a videographer"

Hybrid photo + video explained

Gone are the days where photographs were viewed only in albums and movies watched on the living room telly.  And with these exciting changes (in the way we create and view images) comes the opportunity to better tell our story.   Hybrid photo + video is the integration of still and moving images with music and sound, in order to capture moments with a greater sense of mood and emotion. 

As a hybrid photographer, I use every tool (at my disposal) to tell the unique love story of a couple on their wedding day.  I strongly believe couples should have many options when it comes to how they reminisce about such a major life event.  And (for me) that really is the most appealing factor of being a hybrid photographer.  It gives me more tools to help couples place themselves back in that moment..... to relive and feel those incredible feelings of joy once again.

When weaved together, still and moving images merge perfectly to bridge the gap between photography and videography.  The stunning detail and sense of fantasy created with flash photography cannot be replicated by video, but can be integrated almost seamlessly within it.  In turn, the emotion and fleeting moments captured dynamically by video are used to stop time during  candid and unpredictable moments.  This formula allows me to go far beyond what an average photographer or videographer can capture.  Couples can share their digital images and video in an instant, while the ageless charm of traditional albums and prints, can be held and felt, and handed down through generations. 

Hybrid photo + video not only combines the best of past and future, it also reduces planning time and lowers financial costs.  Employing two separate teams for your photo and video means more people to organise, more of your wedding day taken up and of course a massive increase in financial cost.  In fact, many couples are faced with the quandary of having to choose between photo and video; due to the financial cost of employing two separate teams.  Hybrid means multiple camera coverage AND multiple end products without having to pay multiple professional fees.